{Best|Simplest|Easiest|Fastest|Most Effective} {Way|Method|Process|System|Steps|Way} to {Grow|Start|Launch|Create|Establish|Set Up|Build} A Modern Marketing Framework With Challenges For Your Business Or Paid Offer – {shortcode2}

What {exactly|precisely} is an {online|internet} Challenge?  And {by the way|incidentally}, who am I?

I {run|lead} a multiple 5-figure {marketing|advertising} {company|business} in Texas and love to work with business coaches, high-level {authors|writers}, and {business|company} owners.

I do lead generation {and|and also} the number one thing {that|which} our {clients|customers} {need|desire} is results-based {marketing|advertising} and a {better|much better} way for {potential|prospective} {customers|clients} to get to know them.  We {know|are aware} that if a {customer|client} {doesn’t|does not} trust you {at|in} {some|a certain} level then they {will not|won’t} {do|conduct} business with you.

And {that’s|that is} why I’ve made this {blog|site} to {show|explain to} you {how|just how} {to|you can} set up {what|exactly what} right now is {the|your} {best|ideal} marketing method you {can possibly|could} have {which is|that’s} {marketing|advertising} {using|employing} the Challenge marketing framework.

{I am|I’m} {currently|now} in a mastermind {that is|that’s} $10,000 and has over 350 members, and {many|lots of them} have run {successful|effective} six figure {internet|online} Challenge {classes|workshops|events} from {all|many} different {niches|markets} from all {parts|areas} of the {world|planet}.

{We’re|We are} part of a {bigger|larger} program {that has|that’s} 2000 members {that|who} {bought|purchased} a {course|class} {called|named} Crush It With Challenges by Pedro Adao.

{It’s|It is} an amazing {marketing|advertising} {course|program} and {we’ll|we are going to} {add|include} the link below {if|in the event that} you {want|would like} to {check it out|look it over}.

{This|That} is where I {learned|discovered} the {fundamentals|principles} to {marketing and creating|creating and marketing} an offer with 5-Day Challenges.

I did my {first|very first} Challenge for my {business|organization} and marketing {agency|service} {almost|nearly} a year ago {and|and now} have {ran|conducted} several Challenges since then.  {I’ve|I have} seen this work {over and over again|repeatedly}.

{I’m|I am} sharing {in|within} this {blog|site} {exactly|precisely} what you {need|require}, so {that |}you can {run|conduct} a {great|fantastic} Challenge, {and then|after which} you {can|may} put it on LinkedIn or {right|directly} on Facebook.

{So what is|So what’s} a Challenge? {Okay|Alright}, for {our example|instance} a Challenge is {basically|essentially} a five day online event, {where|in which} you show up and do {three|three different} things.

{The|The very} first thing {is|would be} to {teach|educate}.  This is what {I’ve|I have} always done.   For those five days, you show up and teach.  Your students get {awesome|amazing} value and {awesome|amazing} content and you bond with your audience. {When|Whenever} you do this live and in person it {becomes|turns into} an experience and you {make|also make} it a community.

The {second|next} thing is to help your prospects get progress. Move them {forward|ahead} in their {business|organization} journey.

The {third|next} {thing|issue} {is|would be} to give them a {taste|flavor} of what {it’s|it is} like to work {with|alongside} you.  This is a taste and see {model|version} of {marketing|promotion}.

The combination of {those|the} {three|3} {things|items}, is what makes this work so powerfully and you {don’t|do not} even {need|require} a webinar to {do this|get this done}.  It {can|may} be {done|carried out} {fast|quickly}.  You can even set this up in a week’s time.

Running Challenges is {pretty|fairly} {easy|simple} and fun to {do|perform}.  The Challenge Marketing Framework {definitely|certainly} converts prospects into {clients|customers}.

You {should|ought to} {run|conduct} a Challenge which is the world’s best way for you to be getting {clients|customers} {right now|at the moment}.

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